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About Us


First thing one should know about us is the fact that we are a group of Baptize Believers in Jesus as the Christ and Savior of the world.  Secondly, we believe in the teachings and preaching of the Holy Scriptures.


Our church is a relatively young church, being in existence since 1992.  Therefore, our congregation consist of persons of all ages; from toddlers to seniors. We value our seasoned seniors because they serve as advisors to the younger generations.  One of the main principles that we seek to live-out in our congregation is the fact that “everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord over all.” 


We follow the basic Baptist doctrine with a more moderate than fundamentalist outlook on life.  Our worship services are God-centered with a Pentecostal flavor.  We believe in allowing the Holy-Spirit to move freely in our worship services.  Our prayer is that through our worship and praise that we develop into a community of love and fellowship.


It is our desire to not just attend worship service for personal gain but that we also learn through the Word of God how to exalt each other.  For that is what we truly should be about “helping one another through the gospel of Jesus the Christ.”



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